Thursday, October 1, 2015

She's The Man

            A girl gets herself into a jam by posing as her twin brother on a soccer team at a boarding school and soon enough falls in love with her handsome roommate.

            Viola Johnson, disguised as her twin brother, Sebastian Johnson, discovers her love for Duke, her roommate. A complicated love circle arises when Duke falls for beautiful Olivia and Olivia falls for Sebastian who is actually Viola under disguise.

            Matters become even more problematic when Sebastian returns back to school from London earlier than expected and has no idea that his sister has already replaced him on campus.

            Viola’s successful when it comes to swapping disguises and covering up her true identity, until the truth is exposed and Viola and Duke realize their mutual feelings for each other.

            In midst to get back at her ex-boyfriend and the soccer coach at Viola’s original school for cutting the girl’s soccer team, Viola disguises herself as Sebastian and receives help from Duke to become better at the game so that she can become a first string player and prove her point.

            Viola plays her part as both herself and her brother for weeks while he is in London and tells each of her divorced parents that she is staying at the other ones house.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Dangling Modifiers:

1.     To improve the results, Dan completed a third experiment.
2.     To improve the results, a third experiment was completed.
3.     After reading the original article, the last two paragraphs remain truthful.
4.     After reading the original article, I find the last two paragraphs true.

Misused Words

1.     It’s time to go to the gym.
2.     Its pet was very sick and needed healthcare immediately.
3.     I prefer to drink cold milk rather than warm milk.
4.     Mark was driving down the street and then all of a sudden a dog ran out in front of him.
5.     It’s their turn to write the papers.
6.     They’re in charge of all the clubs this week.
7.     I set the pasta salad over there on the table.
8.     They elicit reviews from customers about their services.
9.     They walked farther down the road.
10.  The effects of the experiment proved the hypothesis to be correct.

11. Not eating breakfast can directly affect your outcome on a test.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Passive Sentences:

1.     Three students were sent to the principle’s office this morning.
2.     The Jews were tortured and sent to the gas chambers during the Holocaust
3.     College students were followed on their way home.
4.     The young man was sold a pair of Birkenstocks last night at the mall.
5.     Water bottles were passed out for free at the football game.

Active Sentences:

6.     The principle called three students down to her office.
7.     Hitler and the Nazis tortured the Jews during the Holocaust.
8.     A serial killer followed college students home.
9.     The Dillard’s employee sold a pair of Birkenstocks to a young man last night.
1.    The boy’s basketball team passed out free water bottles at the football game.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

This I Believe

This I Believe
         I first started working second semester of my junior year in high school as a waitress. I mainly worked a couple nights a week after school and every morning on the weekends. At first, I loved my job and especially all the money I was making with tips. I began to love my job so much I requested more hours. My mom had warned me not to get ahead of myself with my new job because I still needed to focus primarily on school. I understood what she was saying but was too na├»ve to put any meaning behind her words. So like most important stuff my mother tells me; it went in one ear and out the other. As I continued waitressing for the rest of my high school career I began to feel differently about my job. It was stressful, hard to balance with school, I had inconvenient hours, and overall it was a negative place to work. But I continuously told myself it is worth the money. On the positive side, I attained a large amount of spending money working as often as I was. I went shopping almost every week, went out to eat way too often, and developed some not so good habits that money can buy. My job only began to get worse, management was practically inexistent and coming to work was dreadful. I started to really ponder if the money was actually worth it. I could see all around me that people my age work normal jobs with normal hours and survive just fine. That was when I realized that money doesn’t buy happiness. Working a dreadful job with long dreadful hours may give you a plentiful amount of spending money, but at the end of the day I realized that that doesn’t mean anything to me if I’m spending majority of my time in an unhappy place.
            To me happiness comes from the people I surround myself with, the memories I make and will always cherish, and the experiences made that you can truly obtain without tangible objects. As I look ahead at my future I envision my belief staying with me for all my life. It’s a great feeling to know that some of the best days of my life have yet to occur and I still have so much to be grateful for. I’m glad I came to the realization that money can buy many things in this crazy world but happiness isn’t one of them.