Monday, September 14, 2015

Dangling Modifiers:

1.     To improve the results, Dan completed a third experiment.
2.     To improve the results, a third experiment was completed.
3.     After reading the original article, the last two paragraphs remain truthful.
4.     After reading the original article, I find the last two paragraphs true.

Misused Words

1.     It’s time to go to the gym.
2.     Its pet was very sick and needed healthcare immediately.
3.     I prefer to drink cold milk rather than warm milk.
4.     Mark was driving down the street and then all of a sudden a dog ran out in front of him.
5.     It’s their turn to write the papers.
6.     They’re in charge of all the clubs this week.
7.     I set the pasta salad over there on the table.
8.     They elicit reviews from customers about their services.
9.     They walked farther down the road.
10.  The effects of the experiment proved the hypothesis to be correct.

11. Not eating breakfast can directly affect your outcome on a test.

1 comment:

  1. Good, except for the commonly misused words #2. "Its pet." Is this a robot with a pet? What "it" can have a pet?